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Leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of gates, turnstiles, camera poles, automated bollards, card reader pedestals,
tyre spikes and boom gates.

Wiltek – High Performance Security Gates Melbourne

Based in Williamstown, Wiltek Group Services is a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of automatic gates, fencing, turnstiles, CCTV camera and lighting poles, hinge poles, traffic barrier gates, card reader pedestals, boom gates, vehicle stoppers and tyre spikes.

With over 25 years’ experience in the perimeter security industry, Wiltek are a market leading company. We manufacture high performance security gates Melbourne locals can rely upon to suit their commercial or industrial applications.

Wiltek are unique in our approach to the gate market, with quick response times and a professional approach. Wiltek have a service team available for all our products, including cantilever gates, boom gates, turnstiles, and much more. We also have an after-hours team on hand for emergency breakdowns.

At Wiltek, we aim to provide our customers with the most advanced and superior security products and steel security gates Melbourne locals will find anywhere on the market.

Being a private company, we are able to combine the highest quality of products with exceptional standards of installation, delivering you the most reliable equipment and customer service in Australia. When you choose Wiltek you can be sure that you are getting a quality security solution at the right price to meet your needs.

Security Bollards & Gate Experts for over 25 years


Wiltek Group Services creates a unique start-to-finish package with on-site manufacturing, plus a team of skilled and experienced professionals whose attention to detail, quality and service is unrivalled in the industry.

With our own manufacturing and fabrication plant, we have additional equipment such as a tip truck, excavator, crane truck, semi-trailer and service vehicles that help us get the job done right the first time.

Our talented team of service technicians allow us to provide immediate response times, ensuring the security of your commercial premises at all times. Our on-site CAD drawing specialist allows us to prepare detailed fabrication drawings to ensure all fabricated items are fit for purpose.

We use local galvanisers and quality powder coaters to ensure the perfect finish every time. We offer a wide range of traffic control products from cantilever gates and boom gates, to bollards, pedestals, turnstiles, camera poles and fencing.

When you need a dependable security solution for your property, contact the experts at Wiltek.

the best in the world is best and stylish.

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