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With over 25 years of experience in the perimeter security industry, Wiltek grew to become one of the leading private companies in the field. Specialising in manufacturing a various amount of products ranging from automatic gates, fencing, turnstiles to hinge poles, traffic barrier gates, card reader pedestals, boom gates. We also supply vehicle stoppers, tyre spikes, CCTV camera and lighting poles.

With having our own manufacturing and fabrication factory, we are capable of manufacturing all products specifically to meet your needs. With our team of specialists of designers and fabricators, all products are tested to conform with Australian standards before leaving our factory. Once it leaves the plant, we have our experienced team that is able to install and repair any product you require work on. Our customer service team allows us to answer any questions and or concerns you may have to ensure that you will know we have provided the best outcome for your requirements.

The Wiltek Group promise is about developing a layered security system, based on perceived risk and budget. Our key objective is to ensure the protection of your perimeter and ensuring that any likely intruders are detected or deterred prior to entering your premises. We want to keep your property safe and secure with any means that we have possible. The inside of the building isn’t the only thing that needs to be protected.

We hope you put your trust in us. With over two and half decades, Wiltek Group Services can offer the highest security products along with top-notch service to make sure you have peace of mind when selecting what security would be best for your property. As our company continues to grow, we attribute our success to having quality staff and exceptional service for our clients. Let Wiltek Group Services protect you.