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The Wiltek Services

Wiltek Consult
and Design 

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Wiltek are very happy to meet with you on site to discuss how we can provide the business a solution with your perimeter security. As part of our solution is the design phase where we can provide a range of CAD drawings to identify how the proposal will look. Once you are satisfied and confirmed for Wiltek to deliver your project we will provide further detailed technical CAD drawings for you and our team to work off for the duration of the project.

Wiltek Project Engineering and Manufacture

Wiltek Eingineer

The Wiltek team work closely to ensure every detail has been covered to make sure we have a hassle free installations. Wiltek prides itself on having very strong relationships with our supply partners that also support our project delivery to ensure we are not at all hindered to deliver our projects on time and on budget.

Wiltek Service and

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The Wiltek Service offers a team that comes as highly skilled and experienced to tackle all types of emergency and maintenance issues. Our technicians are trade qualified with either an electrical and other trade related backgrounds that provides a balanced coverage of fault resolution to ensure your perimeter security is dealt with in the quickest possible time.

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