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Boom Gates Melbourne

Boom Gates Melbourne

Boom Gates Melbourne

The most efficient form of traffic control and regulation is with boom gates. Typically, these gates are used at commercial parking garages, office buildings or in heavy traffic areas to control who can enter and exit the property.

These gates are relatively simple, offering the best vehicle access control for efficiency and reliability.

An affordable price point and lower cost of operation and maintenance sees boom gates used by many commercial and industrial operations as a convenient traffic regulation solution. Especially in applications where a more comprehensive security system is unnecessary.

In high security situations, tyre spikes can be an effective addition, providing a comprehensive solution in conjunction with the boom gates.

Boom gates can be used as a safety measure, either to slow and control traffic in potentially hazardous areas, or to allow for greater control of vehicles, without restricting the ease of pedestrian access.

Our robust boom gates are made for Australian conditions, and operate with a 100% duty cycle torque drive motor that provides fast opening times to improve consistent flows of traffic.

These are the boom gates Melbourne businesses can rely upon for round the clock security. Our boom gates provide integration with all access control systems, which allows you greater control over who can enter and exit your property.

Alongside security camera systems, our boom gates can assist you when monitoring arrivals and departures. When paired with a ticketing system, a properly installed and well maintained boom gate is a valuable investment for your business.

Our boom gates can be integrated with any of our other security products including tyre spikes, cantilever gates, camera poles and rising bollards.