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Cantilever Gates & Sliding Gates Melbourne

Cantilever Gates & Sliding Gates Melbourne

Cantilever Gates

Our gates are manufactured and installed by our experts within Wiltek Group Services and are designed to stand alone or be integrated with access control systems, CCTV, or other security features. Cantilever gates provide a more reliable option than track sliding gates as they require no track maintenance, require less space than swing gates and are easier to safeguard.

Though track sliding gates are often chosen for their lower price point, cantilever gates provide a better solution for high security areas. Unlike track sliding gates, cantilever gates cannot be lifted or nudged from their track, lowering the risk of either accidental damage or deliberate trespass.

Cantilever sliding gates are perfect for high cyclic use. With no destructible parts, and heavy duty load bearing rollers, the cantilever style gate is the first choice for commercial transport companies, utilities, ports, airports, mining, distribution centres, and government facilities.

All of our cantilever gates are designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. Easy to install with minimal disruption to your business, unlike track sliding gates, we can install a cantilever sliding gate at your Melbourne business without disrupting the driveway surface. The trackless ‘floating’ design of cantilever gates also makes them a superior option for uneven or loose surfaces where a track system would prove impractical.

The gate can be programmed to have a fast 3-4 second opening and closing time with a single motor and controller.

If you are searching for a company to install cantilever gates in Melbourne ‘near me’, then give Wiltek a call.